About Humane Lodge No. 21

Membership, Location & Meetings

A Brief History of Humane Lodge

Humane Lodge was founded mainly through the effort of J.W. Woodman who petitioned the Special Communication of the Grand Lodge held at the house of Andrew Lovejoy in Sanbornton, October 25, 1809. A Dispensation was granted to assemble as a Lodge and at the Quarterly Communication in Portsmouth, October 24, 1810, Clement Storer, Grand Master, a Charter was granted Humane Lodge. The names of most distinguished citizens have been on its rolls and consequently has had a successful and honorable career of useful and benevolent activity. In 2010 Humane Lodge No. 21 celebrated its 200th Anniversary and is still thriving in the city of Rochester today.

Where Humane Lodge is Located

Humane Lodge #21 is located on 31 Hanson Street in Rochester, NH. The Masonic Hall sits on the corner of Central Avenue and Hanson Street. On the first floor is the Seacoast Learning Center, for children with dyslexia, sponsored by the Valley of Portsmouth/ Dover, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

Membership in Freemasonry & Humane Lodge

Freemasonry is divided into different degrees: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason. Once you apply to a lodge the petition is read and a committee is established to investigate or meet the petitioner. After having found the petitioner to be worthy of the degrees, the lodge votes on the petition. Once elected to recieve the degrees, you will take your Entered Apprentice degree. After your Entered Apprentice degree you will be required to learn a “lesson”. This lesson will then be recited before your Fellow Craft degree. Your proficiency in the Entered Apprentice lesson will be the deciding factor on whether you advance or not. There is a similar lesson with the Fellow Craft to be recited before the Master Mason degree. After receiving your Master Mason degree, you may hold an office, be on committees or just be a member.

Who is Qualified to Join the Freemasons?

To join the Freemasons, a man must:

  • Be of good character
  • Believe in one God
  • Be recommended by someone in the Fraternity

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